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About Us

The Cornell Hockey Association is a community and University organization established in 1961 as the Ithaca Hockey Boosters to promote and assist ice hockey at all levels in the greater Ithaca area. Now 59 years later, the CHA continues that mission supporting the activities of the Men’s Hockey Program at Cornell University.

Our goal is to generate hockey fan enthusiasm here in Ithaca, foster a supportive community among fans be they Cornell students and alumni, local residents, or friends of Cornell around the world. We want to encourage the sportsmanship and traditions of the “Lynah Faithful”! We want a standing room crowd at every home game and a good fan presence at other rinks – Cornell fans are everywhere!

Our funding comes from two sources: dues and 50/50 raffles. We do not receive money from the University but we get accounting services and meeting space through the Athletics Department. Your dues depends on the membership level you choose. The 50/50 raffle is a tradition at Lynah Rink and provides both fundraising and potential winnings (half the ‘jackpot’) to the holder of the winning ticket. CHA members and student-volunteers work the raffle tickets at all our home games. You don’t have to be a CHA member to participate in the raffle and we welcome your support.

The CHA provides support for the Men’s Hockey Team by supplementing their Athletic Department budget for items not always included in yearly funding. These have included coach’s travel expenses for recruiting, training equipment (metabolic monitors), team home meals, and computer and video equipment. We work with the coaches to help with team needs as these arise during the season. Under current IVY guidelines, groups such as ours cannot provide support to student-athletes for college expenses.

Coach Mike SchaferCoach Schafer offered this message regarding our group:

“I was first introduced to members of the CHA during my freshmen year. Support from the association was immediately felt by the team, and many players form lifetime bonds with group members. When I returned to be the head coach at my alma mater, I was pleased to see that the CHA was still actively involved with the program. I have enjoyed working with the CHA Board to introduce new ways to increase their support and continue the Proud Cornell Hockey Tradition.”