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CHA … A Proud Cornell Hockey Tradition

The Cornell Hockey Association (founded in 1961 as the Cornell Hockey Boosters) promotes participation in and supports the continued development of the Cornell Men’s Hockey program. Our goals are to generate fan enthusiasm, foster supportive community relations within the Ithaca area among all Cornell friends and alumni, and to raise funds for the men’s hockey program.
The CHA provides funding for team items/events that are typically not included in the operating budget provided by Cornell Athletics. Without our support, these items and events would be difficult for the team to experience. In the past the CHA has supported:

  • Training equipment
  • Travel expenses
  • Team meals at home

When the MIH Coaching staff identifies funding shortfalls, the CHA executive board discusses and funds these projects when able. We continue to promote attendance at games by the Cornell and Ithaca communities.

Membership Levels

  • Student … $10
  • Player … $50
  • Varsity … $125
  • Coach’s Club [Captain $500, Circle $1,000]

    Where Does CHA Funding Come From

    • Membership dues
    • 50/50 raffles conducted during home games. Half the jackpot goes to the winning ticket holder; half to the CHA

    CHA Member Benefits

    • Weekly Game Notes from the coaching staff highlighting the previous week’s games.
    • Updates from the coach on upcoming events and activities.
    • Complimentary admittance to Afterglows held after designated games for all membership levels.
    • Special gifts for all levels of CHA membership.
    • Special events held for CHA members: Welcome Back Picnic, CHA Open House, Afterglows, Skate with the Big Red, Team Banquet, Luncheons and Dinners during the season for higher levels of membership.
    • Pride in knowing that your support will play an important role in maintaining the quality program that is Cornell Men’s Hockey.

    Message from Coach Schafer

    “I was first introduced to members of the CHA during my freshmen year. Support from the association was immediately felt by the team, and many players form lifetime bonds with group members. When I returned to be the head coach at my alma mater, I was pleased to see that the CHA was still actively involved with the program. I have enjoyed working with the CHA Board to introduce new ways to increase their support and continue the Proud Cornell Hockey Tradition.”

    Your Support Makes a Difference